The "mystery man" has remained bullish in interviews with British media outlets

The controversy over Amir Khan’s defeat to Lamont Peterson rages on amidst allegations from the British boxer that he was “cheated” out of a victory, and that the integrity of the sport of boxing has been “damaged.” Khan’s anger pertains to the role played by the so-called “mystery man,” Mustafa Ameen, who appeared to interfere with the scoring during the World Boxing Association (WBA) title fight, by talking to WBA supervisor Michael Welsh during the fight.

Ameen has threatened to sue Khan for his comments, and has regularly appeared on rolling news channel Sky Sports News in order to defend himself.

His grounds for speaking to Welsh have so far emerged that Welsh was “unwell,” and thus Ameen decided to assist the supervisor during the fight. Khan has contested this, arguing: “I don’t accept that. How much help do you need? Counting scorecards. Michael Welsh is a chartered accountant. I mean he’s not going to find it hard, even if he is ill, to count numbers.

“We don’t know the whole story because Michael Welsh was not at the hearing. That was the reason we didn’t go because it would have been a one-sided story.”

With Khan’s allegations appearing to call into question the entire conduct of the sport, and the outcome of Peterson’s appeal against the call for a rematch yet to be revealed, Ameen has provided the following view of his actions, as well as commented on Khan’s statements regarding his conversations with Welsh.

“I’ll come to London. My initial thought is that I’ll have two separate teams to go after Golden Boy in the US and one to go after Amir Khan in the UK. They can fix what they have done and then this can go away. In the heat of the moment, people say things. I want to give them the opportunity to take it back.”

Without meaning to exploit a rather tired boxing cliché, expect this one to rumble on without conclusion, amidst bluff and counter-bluff, and statements from opposing camps on all sides which will ultimately never agree on a viable solution.

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