Walking down Wembley Way as we enter the final hour of anticipation, you can’t fail to notice the electric atmosphere among both sets of fans.

Today’s match, of course, is massive for both clubs.

For Liverpool, without a major trophy at home or in Europe since 2005, this final represents a golden opportunity to breathe new life into the Dalglish revival. They are overwhelming favourites and will be expected to dominate this game – but must overcome that pressure if they are to restore the clubs proud winning ways.

Cardiff, on the other hand, have nothing to lose on a massive day for the Welsh club. Giant underdogs and the first non-Premiership club to contest a Carling or FA Cup final since Millwall lost to Manchester Utd in 2006, the Cardiff players must set aside any nerves or respect for their opponents and bring to this game all the energy and attacking optimism they can muster.

The adrenaline and excitement all around me, though, serves as a timely reminder that these occasions are as much for the fans as they are for the players.

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