Allegations: The investigation into Lazio midfielder Stefano Mauri has inevitably drawn comparisons with the highly-damaging 2006 scandal. (Image | The Daily Mirror)

Lazio captain Stefano Mauri has been arrested by police investigating fresh allegations of match-fixing in Italian football. Head coach of Juventus, Antonio Conte, is also being questioned, as well as Domenico Criscito, a member of Italy’s 25-man squad for the European Championships.

In 2006 the match-fixing scandal commonly referred to as “Calciopoli” emerged. It resulted in the demotion of Juve, who were stripped of two Serie A titles, and points deductions for other teams, including AC Milan and Fiorentina.

The events of this year were extremely damaging for Italian football, in particular prompting the mass exodus of star players from Turin, and affecting the quality and reputation of the Serie A. According to the BBC’s Alan Johnston, the investigation has been going on for some time.

“For many months now this investigation into match-fixing in the Italian game has been widening and deepening. While up to now much of the suspicion has fallen on teams and players in the lower divisions of the game, the prestigious Serie A is increasingly being drawn into the scandal.

“More painful and damaging, allegations and revelations lie ahead.”

Arrests have also been made in Hungary of five men alleged to be involved in an international illegal betting ring. The investigation into Conte in particular is based upon suspicion of sporting fraud and fraudulent association concerning a match featuring his former side Siena, according to the BBC.

Second time unlucky: Juventus’ Antonio Conte could be thrown into scandal, along with a club which has only recently recovered from the devastating effects of Calciopoli. (Image | Stamford Advocate)

Antonio De Rencis, who represents the Old Lady manager, said: “Conte’s reaction is that of someone who is completely innocent and strongly determined to prove his total innocence.”

Criscito, it has been announced by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), will not be going to Euro 2012 in order that his name may be cleared. Apparently this has been “agreed by all parties.” It was also made clear by police that no other members of the Italian squad are being investigated.

FIGC vice-president Demetrio Albertini said: “We are disappointed but we have to remain close to the player.

“Arrests have been made today but until proven otherwise, we are talking about innocent people even though they are considered suspects.

“I know Domenico and he is incredulous. He is an extraordinary guy and he has already seen his lawyers this morning. It is a strange day for us. These are things that we would not like to have had to go through.”

The raids apparently involved nearly 300 police officers and took place in 23 cities.

Corruption clearly remains an issue in Italian football, with the Interior Ministry having last year set up a match-fixing task force in order to deal with high-profile cases.

Atalanta midfielder and skipper Cristiano Doni was banned for three-and-a-half years back in August 2011 for the “Calcioscommesse” scandal relating to Serie B. He was subsequently arrested in December over further allegations.

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