Lifelong Billericay Town fan Tim Butt raised more than £600 last weekend to fund a defibrillator for the Essex non-league side, as part of a personal campaign to raise awareness of “hidden” heart conditions.

Battle | Tim Butt was lucky to survive a cardiac arrest in March, and has committed himself to fundraising. (Image | Emma Webb)

Battle | Tim Butt was lucky to survive a cardiac arrest in March, and has committed himself to fundraising. (Image | Emma Webb)

Tim, 24, was lucky to survive after suffering a cardiac arrest in March, but had no idea that he had a condition which put him at risk of heart problems.

Since recovering, he has committed himself to highlighting the risk of silent cardiac conditions, and raising money for national charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Tim and a group of his dedicated friends hosted a raffle at Billericay’s home game against Bognor Regis Town on Saturday, and collected change from supporters and New Lodge staff.

Their collection covers the cost of the defibrillator, a vital life-saving tool for cardiac arrests, and provides additional funding for his next project: a heart screening day for young people in the town.

Tim said: “It’s weird raising money to buy something we desperately need that we hope we never have to use! It’s a back-up option: it’s good that it’s there if anything happens.

“Obviously we would hate to see anyone actually get into that state. Even though the chances of an incident are slim, it’s better than relying on it not happening.”

He praised his pals as “brilliant” on the day and said his recovery is progressing well. Tim added: “I was in hospital for two weeks and was fitted with an implantable cardiac defibrillator, and then they let me out.

“I’ve recently been discharged completely, which is really encouraging. I’ve got a home monitoring kit so I can’t go and doing anything stupid, but it’s good to know I’m being monitored and looked after still.

“The doctors have now said I can start exercising again and getting out a bit… I can start getting on with my life again. It’s great to do something positive that’s going to be beneficial to the club and potentially save lives.”

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