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On the crest of a wave | Could a playoff system work in the Premier League? (Image | TalkSPORT)

The Premier League (EPL) is the most watched sports league in the world with over 4.7bn viewers per year. It is by far the most popular league in Europe – but why is this?

Some argue that it is the quality of the players, others the notoriety of the brand and still more the style of play.

It is difficult to pinpoint a single reason, but what is for certain is that the Premier League, since its birth in 1992, has been able to market itself better globally than any of its European rivals.

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Fantasy sports originated in the USA around baseball and American football, which are extremely stat-heavy sports and so lend themselves ideally to the fantasy concept (Image |

In the age of the internet and the 24-hour sports news cycle, when one can turn on the television at any hour of the day and watch live sports taking place anywhere in the world, it is no wonder that we as a culture have become more fanatical about sports. From anywhere we are just a few clicks away from an innumerable and incomprehensible volume of websites debating and analyzing every aspect of a sport; a particular team, player, or play to such a meticulous and fanatical level that it is hardly surprising that fantasy sports have become such big business.

Fantasy sports is arguably one of the geekiest ways of experiencing any one sport, in the sense that in order to be a successful fantasy sports player, one has to possess an extremely developed understanding of any one sport. A great fantasy sports player must also be able to remember huge amounts of data about a great number of individuals (the athletes in their chosen sport). Fantasy sports fundamentally boil down to one thing; statistics.

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Stanford pitcher Mark Appel has emerged as one of the standout talents of the 2012 MLB Draft (Image | US Presswire)

For any young aspiring professional sportsperson in the United States, entering the Drafts, where the highest-rated young players are selected from colleges and sometimes high schools from across the country, is their best opportunity to launch their sporting career.

Usually, these Drafts signify the beginning of the new season, or at least indicate it is very close to beginning. Pundits on television channels at both a national and more localized level spend many weeks debating which individual will take the highest accolade available: being the first selection of the first round, usually by the team that finished with the worst record in their previous season.

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