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David West's decision to stay in Indiana maintains the Pacers' status as second-best in the East

David West’s decision to stay in Indiana maintains the Pacers’ status as second-best in the East

In Part One of our countdown of the NBA’s top movers this summer, we reviewed the likely impacts of the arrivals of Carl Landry, Jose Calderon, JR Smith and others in their new (or old) destinations.

While each of those players brings an impactful signing to their new club, the men we have left on the list are all potential season-altering deals. Here are the top ten free agents most likely to shape the 2013-14 NBA season…

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Brad Miller, who forged a special relationship with Rick Adelman over the course of his 14-year NBA career, played his final game last week. (Rights: Bryan Patrick, Sacramento Bee, 2004)

It’s not often that an NBA player gets to retire on his own terms. It’s probably happening for several old stalwarts this summer – 2004 NBA Champion and four-time Defensive Player of the Year Ben Wallace has revealed he’ll likely hang ’em up. Then there’s Kurt Thomas, the oldest player in the NBA, whose 17-year career saw him join the elite group of players to have appeared in over 1000 games last season.

The retiree I’d like to pay homage to today, though, is Brad Miller. Brad was the Euro-center before the NBA knew what a Euro-center was. In his early days with the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls, Miller’s tendency for long-range shooting probably lost him as many minutes as it gained him, but can you tell me an elite big man in the game today who either can’t shoot or isn’t developing a jump shot? Hell, even Andrew Bynum’s been at it this season.

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