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Could this be the last season in Orlando for franchise poster-boy Dwight Howard? If the front office sees sense, it should be

Dwight Howard’s decision yesterday that he wants to stay in Orlando – this season, and possibly next season – was a stunning about-turn for a man who has been openly courting trade rumours since the middle of 2011. And beyond that, it resembled a massive slap in the face for everyone involved in the Magic organisation.

Amid all the stories, rumours, make-believe and hyperbole coming out of central Florida in the last two or three weeks have been some positively disturbing suggestions. The idea that team president Alex Martins told Howard that he could choose whether or not GM Otis Smith and head coach Stan Van Gundy were fired or retained was particularly troubling – if only because it’s not that hard to believe that this might actually be true.

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Feel the Lin-sanity

Second-year point guard Jeremy Lin is America's most talked-about sensation

By now, everyone in America – basketball fan or otherwise – has heard of the sensational story of Jeremy Lin. The news is spreading around the world so fast that this article (which I have been planning for a couple days) has been brought forward at the request of my younger brother, who lives in Southend and has limited interest in basketball.

Call it what you will (and people have). Lin-sanity. Lin-telligence. Lin-pressive. The Lin Dynasty. Shao-Lin. There are endless ways, it seems, of building Lin’s surname into a nickname, but the emerging New York Knicks point guard has everyone talking about far more than his name right now.

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