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Britain’s future boxing star is a knockout

Teenage flyweight boxer Jack Bateson has another achievement under his belt – after being appointed as an England ambassador for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Fighting fit | Jack Bateson is in training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. (Image | Sky Sports)

Fighting fit | Jack Bateson is in training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. (Image | Sky Sports)

The Leeds-born youngster is currently training hard to reach the Great Britain team for the event, which will be held in Glasgow next summer.

Bateson says he has “very fond memories” of the Commonwealth Youth Games, in which he won a gold medal, and credits much of his current success to this triumph.

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Khan denied chance for revenge

“There’s no love lost between these two fighters”, so goes the age-old cliché, but after the acrimony of the initial fight, this statement really does ring true.

We thought it might happen, and it has. The much-anticipated fight between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson has been called off, after their first bout was marred by controversy back in December. Peterson tested positive for banned substance synthetic testosterone in random tests agreed to by both parties back in March. A subsequent test in last month saw the IBF Light Welterweight champion give a negative sample, however the ban has still been upheld, denying the boxing world a fight it was dying to see.

It is fair to say that Khan is far from happy with this chain of events. The Bolton-born boxer, on his Twitter account, said yesterday: “”The fight is off! Sorry everyone the only person to blame is @kingpete26.” Putting it somewhat less succinctly, a statement on the promotions website of the fight’s organisers read as follows: “A failed pre-fight drug test administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), coupled with the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s (NSAC) legal inability to hold a formal hearing on the matter of licensing Lamont Peterson for his Saturday, May 19 rematch against Amir Khan until Tuesday, May 15, has forced the cancellation of the event.”

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Is this the most immoral man in sport?

Frank Warren, who will promote and televise the grudge match between Dereck Chisora and David Haye in July, insists that he is morally in the right.

So it took just three months, and the intervention of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation (nope, no idea), but the Dereck Chisora – David Haye showdown will go ahead. The fight is tentatively scheduled for July 14, at Upton Park.

Is anyone surprised? When we think about it objectively, knowing the nature of this often morally decrepit sport, was there really any other likely outcome? Not in my mind.

The man pulling the strings behind the super-fight is, obviously, boxing’s most controversial and well-known promoter of the last 10-20 years, Frank Warren. That’s right, the same Frank Warren who said following the Haye-Chisora brawl in February that he would never promote a fight between the two because it would be bad for boxing.

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When boxers become brawlers

Dereck Chisora (left) squares up to David Haye in front of the latter’s manager, Adam Booth. Chisora and Booth emerged bloodied from the ensuing brawl

Boxing has its many detractors at the best of times. Throughout the history of organised boxing there have been those who have argued against encouraging the brutality of a sport which sees the vast majority of its participants retire battered, bruised, scarred and, to varying degrees (more often than one would like to think), brain-damaged.

Boxing’s defendants see it as one of the oldest and most noble sports of our civilisation, being as it is a direct descendant of ancient Greek and Roman pass-times. They stress not the dangers, but the rewards on offer for those who possess the most courage, the fastest feet and the heaviest hands.

What no-one in boxing encourages, though, is slapping your opponent, spitting water onto his brother, or gate-crashing a press conference before assaulting someone with a tripod.

Welcome, then, to the sordid world of Dereck Chisora and David Haye.

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I didn’t Ameen anything by it

The "mystery man" has remained bullish in interviews with British media outlets

The controversy over Amir Khan’s defeat to Lamont Peterson rages on amidst allegations from the British boxer that he was “cheated” out of a victory, and that the integrity of the sport of boxing has been “damaged.” Khan’s anger pertains to the role played by the so-called “mystery man,” Mustafa Ameen, who appeared to interfere with the scoring during the World Boxing Association (WBA) title fight, by talking to WBA supervisor Michael Welsh during the fight.

Ameen has threatened to sue Khan for his comments, and has regularly appeared on rolling news channel Sky Sports News in order to defend himself.

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