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Rangers owner Charles Green accepted the vote, saying that Rangers had “made clear we would play where we were told to play and we just want to get back to playing football.” (Image | SNS)

So Rangers will be in the bottom tier of the Scottish Football League next season, after a vote by the Scottish Football Association voted overwhelmingly against the newly re-formed club being admitted to Division 1 of the league structure.

The decision ends a month of uncertainty for Rangers, who were first told their ‘newco’ re-formed club would not be admitted to the Scottish Premier League on July 4, before talks of a break-away ‘SPL2’ and other nervous rumours essentially scotched their hopes of being allowed into Division 1.

Rangers fans have reacted angrily to the news today, with texts and tweets pouring into the BBC’s live news page.

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Rangers’ appeal to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) against the year-long transfer embargo was rejected yesterday. (Image | FIFA)

The appeal submitted by Rangers Football Club against the season-long transfer embargo imposed by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) has been rejected. Six charges had been levelled against the club for the mismanagement of its finances, and former owner Craig Whyte has been banned from Scottish football. Rangers had submitted their appeal on the basis that the club should not be punished for the mistakes of its owner.

Despite the decision, which severely hampers the club in its attempts to continue to assert itself in any way at the top of the Scottish Premier League (SPL), moves by parties interested in purchasing the club continue apace.

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Debt, mismanagement, corruption, lawsuits, missed payments and boardroom crises have finally inflicted the worst damage they can: on what happens on the pitch (Image | The Daily Mirror).

The sorry tale of Rangers Football Club is a sad refrain. In the latest blow to the club and its supporters, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) announced last night that it even considered throwing Rangers out of Scottish football. The same Rangers that has 54 league titles and currently holds the record for the biggest number of trophies won by a UEFA-recognised team. The blame game is well underway, but it is worth revisiting the causes of the club’s all-consuming crisis.

The cracks began to appear with the sale of Rangers from David Murray to Craig Whyte, around this time last year. Although Ally McCoist’s side went on to lift the league title, all was not well. This was confirmed when, on February 13, the Ibrox outfit went into administration, an act which saw Rangers docked 10 points and the title in effect handed to arch-rivals Celtic.

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