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Sergio, Tiger, and the problems with golf

Sergio Garcia's concentration has been tested at Wentworth this week (Image |

Sergio Garcia’s concentration has been tested at Wentworth this week (Image |

Seasoned golf followers have been long aware of the enmity between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods. The antipathy between the two men recently became common knowledge during The Players’ Championship at Sawgrass. During the third round, Garcia accused Woods of inciting the crowd to make noise, putting off the Spaniard during one of his shots.

Woods went on to win the tournament, while Garcia had a meltdown on the 17th hole in the final round.

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McIlroy making headlines; McGinley made captain

Rory McIlroy made the step from golf star to household name in 2012 (Image |

Rory McIlroy made the step from golf star to household name in 2012 (Image |

It’s been a busy couple of days for Rory McIlroy. When he’s not out on the course living up to his world number one ranking, the Northern Irishman keeps himself busy – most recently with newspaper interviews and colossal sponsorship deals.

He’ll probably be glad to know that what he says, and who he signs with, now makes global sports news.

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A long road | As the Olympic torch has been transported up and down the country, Olympic fever has slowly begun to take hold, despite the negative press surrounding the Games. (Image | The Sun)

It really has been a vintage summer of sport. The superb entertainment offered by the 2012 European Championships, England notwithstanding, Andy Murray reaching the Wimbledon final and Bradley Wiggins‘ dominance of the Tour de France will live long in the memory of sports fans everywhere.

Not only this, but arguably the most prestigious, and potentially exhilarating sporting event of the summer, is yet to even begin. It is the London 2012 Olympic Games to which that reference pertains, which unofficially begin tonight (with Women’s Football group games) and have already been hitting the headlines, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Away from transport dilemmas, the issue of packing an extra 10 million visitors into London and the G4S debacle, the Olympic Games celebrate the greatest sporting talents of athletes from across the world. If you claim to be a sports fan, yet this somehow fails to excite you, may I suggest a quick examination of your pulse.

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