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Shamed | Lance Armstrong appears at an event for the charity he founded, Livestrong, after stepping down as its chairman. (Image | The Guardian)

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” For Lance Armstrong, his stock has plummeted so far he can never climb back up.

Sacked by Nike, his seven Tour de France titles stripped from him, the American hero will go down in history as one of sport’s biggest ever frauds.

He has taken the rap, quite rightly, for the culture of serial doping and rampant cheating that plagued cycling in the golden years either side of the millennium.

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“Plastic Brit” Myroslav Dykun has been slammed for his failed drugs test, which more or less buries any British hopes for medals in the wrestling.

Myroslav Dykun, winner of a gold medal for Britain at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, has failed a doping test, devastating Olympic fans that had the athlete pinpointed for glory at London 2012. 29-year-old Ukrainian-born Greco-Roman wrestler Dykun had been described as a major hope for a medal at the Games, and British Wrestling chief Colin Nicholson said: “Myroslav had the potential to do well,” and “the situation is extremely disappointing for the sport.”

Following the announcement of Dykun’s positive test, the athlete came under severe fire from naturalised British gymnast Ruslan Panteleymov (also born in Ukraine), who blamed Britain’s policy of importing talent from abroad for the current mess. He claimed that foreign procedures couldn’t always be relied upon, and added that the transformation of Dykun’s role from sparring partner to Olympic hopeful was “not right” and made a mockery of international competition.

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